Ah, yes…the band name.  SquishBAND® (and yeah, we turned in the paperwork and cash to get that r in the circle from the US Patent & Trademark Office, baby, so we’re gonna’ use it!)

We may not be famous, but we play enough to get called all sorts of things…the “ish band,” “the Squash band,” and who can forget the well-intentioned but fateful “SquirtBAND.”  But we will not to be deterred!  After all, we turned in the paperwork…oh yeah…sorry, already covered that.

Anyway, why SquishBAND?  Why not!  We found something punny about it—the squish band being part of a motor, and…what?!  You don’t know about squishband clearance?!  Come on, now.  Oh, OK…maybe you’re not a gearhead.  But it really is part of an engine.  You can totally Google it.  Come on, you can!  Oh, alright already…here’s a link.

So, you’ve got a “squish band” in the ol’ engine, but of course for us the “band” is more like “noun: a group of musicians organized for ensemble playing.” (Thanks, Merriam Webster!)  And since one of us—which one will not be revealed—used to draw a comic called Squish Olive featuring…yeah…an olive…it all just made sense.

So, SquishBAND it is.  Hey, shove off, Mr. Naysayer—what’s your name?! 😉

Moore Second Saturday1crop 10 14 2017