We were honored to sing as part of Cimarron Opera’s 48th Annual Festival of Spirituals—what amazing voices and spirits!  Our roadie didn’t start recording quite on time, so poor lil’ sis lost most of her solo lines…and she is a floating head above a sea of stands from that angle…but what can you do? 🙂

Like many, I took a renewed interest in this immortal Paul Simon song when Disturbed released its cover.  Hello darkness, my old friend…

Back in ’68-’69, Mary Hopkin’s version of this song—produced by Paul McCartney—was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (Grammy) and reached #2 on the charts, just below Hey Jude. Those were the days, my friend! 🙂

This beautiful song was written by John Denver for his wife Annie during the heartbreak of separation and, ultimately, divorce.  May our hardest journeys bring out our best.

A classic by Hedy West.