We were honored to sing in Cimarron Opera’s Festival of Spirituals.  Our roadie didn’t start recording on time, so poor lil’ sis lost most of her solo lines.  And, she is a floating head above a sea of stands from that angle.  Hey, what can you do? 🙂

Like many, I took a renewed interest in this immortal Paul Simon song when Disturbed released its cover.  Hello darkness, my old friend…

Back in ’68-’69, Mary Hopkin’s version of this song—produced by Paul McCartney—was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (Grammy) and reached #2 on the charts, just below Hey Jude. Those were the days, my friend! 🙂

This beautiful song was written by John Denver for his wife Annie during the heartbreak of separation and, ultimately, divorce.  May our hardest journeys bring out our best.

A classic by Hedy West.