Here are some classic and pop covers from our band.

A John Fogerty/CCR classic. We don’t have a gut bass, washboard, or kalamazoo, but my sister did find a pretty cool cowbell sound on her drums.

Here’s a great song by the 80s band Erasure—while some at the time didn’t like the song’s two-tempo mix, I think it’s brilliant.  We moved some of the keyboards to guitar and wrote some guitar solos to take the place of some of the 80s synth pop.  Hope you like the song as much as we do!  (The entire album—The Innocents—is terrific and remains their best-selling album.)

Written by Hoyt Axton, this brilliant song was made famous by Three Dog Night—if it’s a cold night in Australia, you gotta’ snuggle with your dingo, and three for the freezers!  Cool name, cool band, and they are still playing almost fifty years later.  Now that is really cool!  Here’s to us playing in 2065…we’ll see you there. 🙂

One of my favorites from Clapton’s Pilgrim album…the album was not a critical favorite, but great all the same (how anyone gets off rating Clapton as “poor,” I don’t know!).  For me the whole song is like a prolonged prayer of despair.