There’s nothing like a piano woman (OK, it can be a man too) for setting a mood—and yes, I play that one…how could you not?!  La la, di da, da da dum.

This one’s from Beck’s Song Reader, played at a local charity fundraiser.

There’s nothing more New York than Billy Joel, and I love them both!

It’s a very, very MAAADDDD world…and, hey, it was already like that before I got here.  So, don’t you go blaming me…

This one’s hard for a kid who can just reach an octave!  But what a great song.  It’s by the piano man, Billy Joel.

“The book of love is long and boring”…now how could you not love a song that starts like that?!

Nobody tells a better musical story than Billy Joel (the boss is tied), and I don’t think he’s told a better one than this.  But then perhaps I’m biased, having lived out this way…

In our messed up world, these simple lyrics are ones I often need to hear.  And repeat.  And hear again.  And it makes sense that it would be the final single before McCartney announced he was leaving the Beatles.  In the words of his (departed) wise mother—and surely wise mothers everywhere—“It will be all right, just let it be.”