A few instrumental songs, which make for background music at a party or coffee shop, or change things up during any other gig…

Just a fantastic song by the Steve Morse Band…he’s never done better stuff than those early days!

Another guitarist we lost too young—Stevie Ray Vaughan.  He named the song for his then-wife Lenora.  Unfortunately, their love didn’t last, but his song always will.  Conclusion: guitars are more faithful than people.  Or something like that.

Probably Eric Johnson’s most characteristic piece…it’s a beast!

The title track from Satch’s second album.  Satriani is one of the greatest, and it’s a blast to try and play anything he writes.

A tune by Yanni (or, if you want to be technical about it, Yiannis Chryssomallis), an amazing keyboardist and composer.

This beautiful song was written and performed by Rik Emmett of the Canadian hard rock trio Triumph.  I love it when a musician doesn’t allow himself to be trapped into a single genre.