Like most of our tastes, for us the best hard rock comes from the 80s and 90s.

The GNR classic.

Eddie Van Halen’s epic solo.  His ego may be the size of Jupiter, but the man can play like nobody’s business.

This is my favorite GNR song…like a mini rock opera (meaning how opera should be).

Some clips from practicing before a community concert:

Everyone knows this one by Jack White.  Having a bassist, we don’t need to use guitar with an octave pedal.  But, we didn’t get the bass volume started off right, requiring an assist.  Our roadies may not be the best, but they certainly earn what we pay them. 😉

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: girl power and rock n roll. ‘Nuff said.

Here’s a cover of Rush’s Dreamline from a recent community concert…an amazing song by an unbelievable band.

My absolute favorite guitarist of all time (sorry Slash, Clapton, Johnson, Morse, Perry, etc…love you too!) = Randy Rhoads.  He died when he was only 25, but dang could he play.  I so wish he was still around…and bored enough to be willing to meet me.  Oh well…hope he’s rockin’ the other side.  Ozzy’s Ozzy, but he was never better than with Randy…check out the solo around 2:50.  We still miss ya’ Randy!

Lars Ulrich was famously against file trading pioneer Napster, which was of course amazing at ripping off everyone’s music (all long before I was around…so don’t go blaming me!).  I have mixed feelings about a lot of those things, but Metallica’s black album is one of those that makes anyone reminisce about days of music yore.  Pure.