The first commercial success of Simon and Garfunkel, and what a song it is.  Hello darkness, my old friend…

One of Jon Bon Jovi’s lesser known songs from his Blaze of Glory Album. Now that’s a guy who really got inspired by a movie! I’ll make ya’ famous. 🙂

One of my favorite Roxette songs.  The song is from their hugely successful third album (Joyride), but the song itself seems less well known.

This one’s a beautiful song written and performed by Bruce Robison, but most people know it because of the Dixie Chicks.  Unfortunately, today those letters are still comin’ home…

I’ve always loved this song by Annie Lennox (the Eurythmics).  I grew up playing music for older folks long on memories and short on life…“God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in [the winter of our lives],” said JM Barrie.  May everyone be 17 Again.

I love so many Tom Petty songs—who can’t picture the leather jacket with chains that would jingle?—and I sat down to record this one just like he sings it (except of course that it’s just me on the acoustic guitar).  But after running through it once, it struck me that in 2016, he’d understand me swapping the gender roles.  So, to keep it in the era, Elvis became (Marilyn) Monroe, horses became hot rods, and it finally became the guy who is the sad git. 🙂

I wanted to weep when we lost you, Tom, but am so glad I got to see you live before you left us!

Rock ballads make for some of the most beautiful acoustic guitar.  Here’s one that is even better with harmonica, but I’m afraid I don’t play that…yet.  This is Alice in Chains’ Don’t Follow.

This one is by one of my favorite bands, Guns N’ Roses.

This recording’s rather old, and, yes, the 13-year-old me looks very young.  But it’s such a moving song, by Eric Clapton dealing with the untimely death of his son Conor.  May all those who have lost find peace!